Parazitii minte ma frumos. Ombladon - Minte-ma Feat Cheloo si Freakadadisk Versuri

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parazitii minte ma frumos

Aplauze acum pentru omul ghiulea… Zboara ca din tun si intoarce pe dos toata Spania Inghititorul de sabii si alte obiecte tari Si-a descoperit talentul intr-o noapte-n Ferentari Dresorul de felinein ceea ce-l priveste E inconjurat mereu de elenoi ii mai zicem peste Avem si clovnul tristun fost activist Mananca dupa jos si plange regimul comunist Asta-i Romania ca v-am captat atentia Va rog frumos aplauzecontinua distractia Refren: x2 Roata se-nvarteexemple sunt multe Cu sufletul la gura asteptam sa se-ntample Minunea si lumea toata zambeste E un carusel stricatcare se prabuseste… Parol ….

Parazitii minte ma frumos at these gazelles hanging out in bars and cafes Legs crossed, full of crap, full of themselves. All of you, get on the bar counter, it's time to entertain us Shake your asses, I'll whip you if you don't stand up straight!

This breed is hot like lava It takes your money and the bitch is gone In your applauses, the dirty monkeys Dressed up as performers, rare specimens Attention, watch how parazitii minte ma frumos crowd To listen to the monkeys songs from the throat.

They're uncertain, they get angry and want to do bad things If while they're performing you don't throw your money at them I am sorry, no clown tonight They're all busy with the election campaign.

Bring out the lion! Come closer, here he is — all bones.

antihelmintice și altele descendent al viermei gri

The great magician: A drunk sailor who lies Hides the fleet up his sleeve and becomes president. Applaud now for the cannonball man!

parazitii minte ma frumos

He flies out the cannon and messes the whole Spain up. We also have the sad clown: a former activist… He eats parazitii minte ma frumos the parazitii minte ma frumos and misses the communist regime.

parazitii minte ma frumos

It has always been a sick circus, Give me a magic wand, I also want to play. Death to all the circus performers!

parazitii minte ma frumos preparate pentru eliminarea viermilor

This yacht will be a broken boat in a dump… Just like a public park becomes a residential neighborhood. I want you to laugh while I control you from behind With automatic fireworks.

The theater is a circus and the movies are lies, The news are quiet, the mute people want to tell us, That no one can hear when the blind see everything, and that we are getting warm on a fire of hay.

parazitii minte ma frumos