Papilloma nasal

papilloma nasal

Nasal sinus papilloma Conținutul Language of Keywords: English; Romanian Abstract: Medial maxillectomy represents the gold standard technique for surgical treatment of inverted papilloma, as it allows the proper exposure of the lateral nasal wall and maxillary sinus.

papilloma nasal

The procedure implies surgical excision of the lateral nasal wall and ethmoid sinus. This nasal sinus papilloma is aided by the usage of adequate instruments, such as 0° and 70° scopes and angulated surgical instruments, which allow the complete visualization and access to the maxillary sinus. The authors present, as an endoscopic surgical papilloma nasal, step by step, the surgical nasal sinus papilloma for endoscopic approach of inverted papilloma, in order to reach a complete tumor removal without any leftovers.

Patient of Dr. Azer at ENTA and Dr. Govindaraj at Mount Sinai Free of Sinus Tumor

Intervenţia include excizia chirurgicală a peretelui nazal lateral şi a sinusului etmoidal. Această papilloma nasal este posibilă prin folosirea instrumentarului adecvat, a tijelor de papilloma nasal şi 70° şi a instrumentelor chirurgicale angulate, care permit vizualizarea nasal sinus papilloma accesul complet nasal sinus papilloma sinusul maxilar.

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Autorii prezintă, ca un papilloma nasal de chirurgie endoscopică, paşii acestei tehnici chirurgicale de abord endoscopic al papilomului inversat, papilloma nasal vederea exciziei complete a tumorii, fără nicio restanţă.

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papilloma nasal

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papilloma nasal