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colorectal cancer fight

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Although the etiology is not yet completely known, colorectal cancer is considered a disease with multiple factors, an important place occupying the impact of the environmental factors on the genetically particularly predisposition of patients.

In order to reduce the incidence of this disease, screening methods have been developed that are addressed primarily to the population at risk and which have contributed significantly to reducing the occurrence of this condition.

The purpose of colorectal cancer fight paper is to evaluate the presence of specific risk factors for CRC in the Black Sea Coast population for a period of 5 years, and to contribute to the reinforcement of some notions already colorectal cancer fight known in the specialized literature.

colorectal cancer fight

By publishing this work, the committee of authors hopes to strengthen the profile of the individual colorectal cancer fight risk of developing CRC in order to identify better those that are in danger of developing this disease and refer them to screenin Keywords: Colorectal cancer; risk factors; screening Issue:Volume 71, Issue 1 Pages: